A drive through Fremont Reveals residents’ trust in Sheila Matin Team: you’ll see her “for sale” signs dotting the front of many for sale homes. But selling is only half of our business equation: we serve just as many buyers who seek the perfect home. The reason is simple: Our roots and knowledge of the area run deep.


To succeed in buying your dream home in Fremont’s competitive 

residential real estate market, where multiple offers in popular neighborhoods are the norm, a Fremont home buyer typically requires these five competitive edges that we provide:


1. Sheila Matin has the best sources in the market and will assist you with getting top mortgage professionals. 

2. Sheila Matin has trusted real-time local real estate knowledge specializing in residential and investment properties in the Bay Area.

3. Sheila Matin has the confidence to act quickly and compete aggressively when the right property for you and your family comes on the market.


4. Sheila Matin has proven real estate experience in navigating the transaction process – from first tour to close of escrow.

5. Sheila Matin is an expert at negotiating inspections and repairs. Often times, these details are critical to buying a new property and can make a substantial difference in favorable outcomes. Rest assured, with us you're in good hands!

That’s a tall order – but one on which we deliver time and time again. Let the Sheila Matin team take care of your real estate needs in a competent and stress-free manner.